Thursday, July 15, 2010

X-Men #2 - In My Own Words

Amazing how I didn't make one Twilight reference...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Amazing Spider-Man #638 - In My Own Words

At last, Marvel starts to reveal how the marriage of Mary Jane and Peter DIDN'T happen in "One More Day". Being married, this was a no-brainer.

Death of Dracula - Addendum

I would just like to point out... Jake and Vienna split up today.
Dracula is a mean, mean, man.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Siege Preview - In My Own Words

Ah joy, the return of the wordless previews. This gives me a great chance to see how well I can add the missing text. So far, after comparing what I THINK they're going to say vs. what they DID say, I am 0 for 213 pages.

Let's see if I can get my first win.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Review: Superman World of New Krypton #4

Superman: World of New Krypton #4

Well, it was bound to happen - the Green Lantern Corps had to get involved, especially with Blackest Night coming up. You can't just set up a new planet and expect the universal police force to go "whatever"...

Hal Jordan, Jon Stewart, and Sodam Yat arrive on New Krypton for a fact finding mission from the Guardians. How weird, though. I mean, can't they use telescopes? Secretly, my theory: you know the Guardians sent Hal to stir up trouble, Stewart because he destroys planets (Mosaic), and Sodam as a reminder that there are other races out there as powerful as the Kryptonians. Sneaky blue guys.

Zod shows up, verbal barbs shot out and parried, the Green Lanterns are welcomed with open arms. This gives us readers more of a plausible reason for explanations of how things work on New Krypton - which is nice.

Zod pulls Kal-El to go over his new assignment - not capturing the 13 renegade Kryptonians that were used the last time they tried to take over Earth. Kal-El wants a more active role in the capture, Zod says nuh-uh. Methinks Zod is up to something, if not only to show "I'm Superman's Boss"

Oh, good, Zod is building an armada of spaceships in plain sight - "a need for defensive readiness". Hal balks, Kal-El at least is honest with saying he doesn't know what to say.

Explosions. Kryptonian fugitive #1 spotted. Cue "Bad Boys" music. Green Lanterns also have a warrant out for this guy. Cue "Buddy Cop Internal Strife" music. Zod chimes in on a secure channel for Kal-El's #2 radio - ice him. Hal's ring picked it up, Kal-El heard it as well.

Kal-El says to belay that order? And instead, Kal-El's #2 listens and captures the fugitive? And they say this over a public channel? What are they - five? Pretend to kill him, yet he lives. Use code words. Nope, not here. Guess what that is... TREASON!

Too bad the Green Lanterns had already left, Hal being disgusted that they weren't able to extradite him. Jon Stewart reminds him they have no claim, and he's still mad? So the only law that matters is the Green Law? That's pretty racist, Hal.

And at the end of the issue - Kal-El and his #2 get arrested for... well, I already said it.

It's a fun read, with it's perks and low points. Enjoyed the manner of explaining more about New Krypton. Disappointed that the fight on the cover didn't happen anywhere in the issue - not even closely. I would have liked to have seen a fight over jurisdiction. Enjoyed the involvement of the Green Lantern Corps. Disappointed that Zod/Krypton seems to be running wild after only a few issues.

Just like watching "24", the gray areas of ethics vs. society seem to play key roles in the story, with Kal-El as a guest star. And that's pretty cool.

Review: Secret Six #10

Secret Six #10

OK, so I'll start out saying I'm not gentle with this issue.

The story starts out with Magneto, Lara Croft, and George Constanza running a slave labor operation. Not sure what they're mining for yet. I'm sure it will be explained as shock reveal next issue. They treat people badly, killing, etc. Bad people.

Bane is having bad dreams. He gets up, (shudder) nude (shudder), only to encounter Scandal waiting for him in the bathroom. Is he returning to his Venomous ways, she asks? Bane says no. You know, with a red wig, Bane could pass for Knockout... nahhhh, she'd never. Oh wait. Never mind. It happens. Sans wig.

Jeanette and Deadshot wait for their new client, as she reveals more on her history. I think it'd be more interesting if she wore a costume. Had a codename. Had some sort of freaky powers. Right now, she's "Tough girl with white hair #7."

The new client arrives and it's - duh duh duh! Magneto, Lara Croft, and George Constanza. Posture, posture, posture, I'm evil, I'm eviler, we're all evil = yawn.

The Secret Six are now on a plane with Croft & Costanza, transporting a magic box that smells bad. Costanza rants about it being God's will, will terrify and inspire... man this is about as talky as a Seinfeld episode.

Boom! Plane get hits. Plane goes down on the backup airfield, which is close to the base, but not quite. Rebels vs. Secret Six, who are suddenly very afraid of bullets? Took on the entire Society, but now bullets are weawwy, weawwy scawy? I guess I'm not feeling this issue. Good, uh, bad guys still win. Our bad guys.

Magneto shows up in a jeep with Artemis in tow, bound and cuffed. Magneto tells the misbehaving red shirt slave from the beginning of the issue she is free to go, then tells Deadshot to shoot her. Which he does. The woman who we all learned to love and care for since the opening four page segment, is now gone. Magneto is happy.

Man, I'm glad they had that happen, because I wasn't sure that a Magneto looking guy running a slave labor camp where he kills the slaves randomly and keeping former Former Wonder Women as bound carpool buddies was a bad guy.

I had to double back to make sure Simone wrote this. Then I checked to make sure this wasn't a Mckeever Teen Titans issue. Very few humorous points, although the story did progress the development of Jeanette, Bane, and Scandal as characters. Given that last issue was a Catman, Ragdoll, Bane-heavy issue, I'm willing to say "fair's fair"

But all in all, my least favorite issue of Secret Six. I'm hoping this is a two-parter so we can move on.