Friday, June 5, 2009

Review: Secret Six #10

Secret Six #10

OK, so I'll start out saying I'm not gentle with this issue.

The story starts out with Magneto, Lara Croft, and George Constanza running a slave labor operation. Not sure what they're mining for yet. I'm sure it will be explained as shock reveal next issue. They treat people badly, killing, etc. Bad people.

Bane is having bad dreams. He gets up, (shudder) nude (shudder), only to encounter Scandal waiting for him in the bathroom. Is he returning to his Venomous ways, she asks? Bane says no. You know, with a red wig, Bane could pass for Knockout... nahhhh, she'd never. Oh wait. Never mind. It happens. Sans wig.

Jeanette and Deadshot wait for their new client, as she reveals more on her history. I think it'd be more interesting if she wore a costume. Had a codename. Had some sort of freaky powers. Right now, she's "Tough girl with white hair #7."

The new client arrives and it's - duh duh duh! Magneto, Lara Croft, and George Constanza. Posture, posture, posture, I'm evil, I'm eviler, we're all evil = yawn.

The Secret Six are now on a plane with Croft & Costanza, transporting a magic box that smells bad. Costanza rants about it being God's will, will terrify and inspire... man this is about as talky as a Seinfeld episode.

Boom! Plane get hits. Plane goes down on the backup airfield, which is close to the base, but not quite. Rebels vs. Secret Six, who are suddenly very afraid of bullets? Took on the entire Society, but now bullets are weawwy, weawwy scawy? I guess I'm not feeling this issue. Good, uh, bad guys still win. Our bad guys.

Magneto shows up in a jeep with Artemis in tow, bound and cuffed. Magneto tells the misbehaving red shirt slave from the beginning of the issue she is free to go, then tells Deadshot to shoot her. Which he does. The woman who we all learned to love and care for since the opening four page segment, is now gone. Magneto is happy.

Man, I'm glad they had that happen, because I wasn't sure that a Magneto looking guy running a slave labor camp where he kills the slaves randomly and keeping former Former Wonder Women as bound carpool buddies was a bad guy.

I had to double back to make sure Simone wrote this. Then I checked to make sure this wasn't a Mckeever Teen Titans issue. Very few humorous points, although the story did progress the development of Jeanette, Bane, and Scandal as characters. Given that last issue was a Catman, Ragdoll, Bane-heavy issue, I'm willing to say "fair's fair"

But all in all, my least favorite issue of Secret Six. I'm hoping this is a two-parter so we can move on.

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