Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Mixing it up a little, here are some non-SI parodies...

(Explanation: Rookie hero Osiris comes across a talking crocodile and befriends him. He dresses the crocodile. He takes the crocodile on trips with him. And in the end, the crocodile turns on him and eats him.)

(Explanation: Animal Man seemingly dies from a space zombie bite, only to really just be in a deep healing sleep. Five panels after his funeral, his buddies leave, and then he wakes up.)

Sidebar complaint: Rather than bury or destroy the contaminated remains, the heroes leave him on an open slab in an asteroid belt. So it's bad to bring him home and contaminate Earth, but just letting the body float out there in the open was ok.

(Explanation: Wolverine turned down She-Hulk because she slept with a guy. That's a hypocrisy equivalent of Paris not dating a guy because he parties too much.)

(Explanation: After much complaints about a Batgirl-went-evil-inexplicably storyline, it turns out she was just poisoned on a drug that turns you evil. And is curable with one utility-belt shot.)

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