Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Power of Three (Dollars)

As always, there are rumors of price increases. So far, the people I know have been cutting back some, but not altogether.

I've heard that several titles will be $3.99 on the next price increase - maybe December. I'm hoping that it's not the titles I read, but Murphy's Law, they will be.

So now I'm questioning - is it time to cut out?
Now we're passing the magic barrier of 3.

Are comics worth $4 an issue to me? No, I was tentative at $3. That's not a dig on the writers or artists - I think the cost for everyone to get that book out there is just higher. I don't see where it costs $1 to get the book on the shelf, and the comic company is profiting $2 a book. It's just a gradual buildup of costs.

So where can costs be cut?
- Can we go with cheaper paper?
- Can lower costs at the printers?
- Can we lower costs in distribution?

How will comics try to cut costs?
- Black & White issues?
- Bundled issues as a series? Double-issue books for $5 ($1 cheaper than the two books separately)
- Delaying the release of TPB's even further?
- Selling issues through the day of release?

I don't have any answers. But the solutions I think of kind of depress me.

I used to have HBO, but costs and delays of good material made me drop it.
I used to subscribe to Wizard, but the lack of material that interested me for the cost.
I used to go to movies weekly, but at $9 for 1950's movie remakes, now I just go with a DVD unlimited package.

My plea to Wal-Mart
Just like you did for $4 subscriptions, step in and starts offering $2 comics.

Otherwise, I don't see this going well for comics OR me.

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