Friday, June 5, 2009

Review: Wolverine #72

Wolverine #72

Short Recap:
Continuation of the Postman-ish Old Man Logan storyline, set in the far future after the heroes lost.

Page 1 recap of the new United States. I really like this map.

Splash page of the Red Skull triumphant. However, it's Bucky Cap, so it's like the Borg beating Cisco. Megatron defeating Rodimus Prime. It's not really a win the Skull should gloat so hard over in my book.

Oh, crap, is Bucky crying? Really? Give that man a big red S.

I refuse to spoil the awesomeness of the Red Skull's trophy room - and the conversations in it. However, I will say these scenes are 10 times better, if not 100, than the Hulk's Future Imperfect one.

Lackeys come in with dead Hawkeye (who is Hawkeye and not Ronin, thankfully) and dead Logan. Whaaaa? Yeah. Suprise! Possum! However, Old Man Logan vs. Old Man Skull is perfectly done as neither is at the top of their game. Skull grabs the Ebony Blade. Logan grabs... duh duhn duhhhhhh... Thor's hammer! No, not really. Cap's shield. You know he was going to grab that shield.

Villain going "No..." scene

Shield hit.

Shield hit.

Shield hit.

Aw yeah.

Shield hit.

Shield hit.

Logan says "Stay down!" Really? This goes up there with Bucky Cap crying. Really? Is this an episode of Smurfs?

Skull does his best villainesque Die-Hard comment as Logan stands above him with the shield poised to strike.

"Don't make me laugh. You haven't got the guts."

User comment: AAAAAAAGH! I turn the page and have an advertisement here?? AAAGH!!!! And it's double page! %##*!@^!(*^!!!!!

Pleasepleaseplesepleaspleasepleaseplesepleasplease decapitate on the next page. Please. Pun intended.

Spoiler: (Double page-spread of a Wolverine video game ad later...): Oh ***** YES.

Post-Logan-Return-to-glory-bliss later, here come the cannon fodder guards, outside, ready to bust in.

Pleasepleaseplesepleaspleasepleaseplesepleasplease put on the chain mail. Please. Be Cap.

AWWWWWWHHH! Iron Man? Really? Laaaaaaaaaaaaame.

Loan grabs the cash in a nearby suitcase and bolts. What? Why not take over and - oh crap, forgot about his family back home. The rent's due.

Now hot damn, this is great story writing. All those issues crossing the US of A, and I forgot that with the Iron Man armor, its a matter of minutes. That's cool. That's awesome.

Too bad the Banners came by early. Too bad "they were bored", the guy named Donovan outside his house says.

Dead Logans all across the floor of his house.

"You ain't the man you used to be, Logan... Dont go looking for revenge in those hills."

"The name isn't Logan, Bub..."

AAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!! Another Page I have to flip? Why can't this be a fold-out?!?!?!

Pleasepleaseplesepleaspleasepleaseplesepleasplease let it be snikt. Snikt. Snikt. It's time. Snikt.

Holy smokes. A two page spread of Snikt. Just the word. Two pages. And it's worth it.

"It's Wolverine."

Aw yeah.

Now, although I really, really, try to stay away from reading the previews of the comics I plan to buy - I read this preview as soon as it was out. So some of the magic was gone. had I not seen the preview, maybe this, and not New Avengers #51 would have been my favorite of the week. This was a close second.

We're in the payoff part. Bad guy corpses just HAVE to start lining up to make the miniseries work. Of course this is a blast.

It's McNiven. That's like asking if your VISA card is accepted at the store. Yes. Yes it is.

Final Word:
I'm a sucker for future-post-apolcalypse stories. This is my favorite Wolverine story ever.

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